Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  This project sounds awesome and I definitely want to give you all of my money.  But where does that money go exactly?

A:  The short answer is that it depends on how much money we raise.  The aim of the project is to fund a number of locally-based nonprofit organizations.  We've selected two so far: the Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum in Uganda and the Gay and Lesbian Network in South Africa.  The money will go to specific projects proposed by those organizations and others that we identify over the next few months.  We'll be providing updates on the website about what projects the organizations would like to be funded, so you'll be able to track exactly how your money is being spent.

Q:  How come you're not a 501(c)(3) organization?  Are you sure this isn't just some elaborate scheme where you're going to use my money to pay for fantastic new shoes?

A:  We're sure.  It takes a while to be recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization and, because Nate is going on the bike ride with a tour organizer, we don't have flexibility to delay his trip while we incorporate.  We'll post updates about the incorporation process because nonprofit status will offer several benefits.  Most importantly, nonprofit status means that you'll be able to claim a tax deduction on your super generous and super massive donation.  It also means that PayPal will take a slightly smaller cut of each donation as a transaction fee for providing the secure payment service.

Q:  Yeah, what's going on with PayPal?  After I donated $100, the progress tracker only increased by $97.  What gives?

A:  The difference reflects the transaction fee that PayPal charges.

Q:  Aren't you worried about ebola?Ebola Map

A:  Not at all, at least not as it pertains to the bicycle ride.  Africa is a huge continent – much more massive than it appears on most maps because two-dimensional map projections generally distort Africa's true size by shrinking the size of countries close to the equator relative to those close to the poles – and Nate is not riding anywhere near the outbreak.  Click on the map to the right:  London and Brazil are closer than just about anywhere Nate is going.  We are, however, concerned about how the outbreak is affecting the people of Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia.  The outbreak has wreaked havoc on those economies and the great tragedy is that many deaths and much suffering could be avoided if the citizens of those countries had access to better health care.  Please consider donating to the effort to fight this outbreak.

Q:  What are you most worried about then?

A:  Honestly, bad traffic.  Nate has a really stylish and sexy rearview mirror on his bike to avoid any accidents.

Q:  What's the accommodation like along the route?

A:  It's red, it has two flaps, and it spaciously accommodates Nate's ground pad, his sleeping bag, and his person.

Q:  What are the dates for the ride?

A:  The cycle tour begins at the Great Pyramid of Giza on January 9 and finishes at Table Mountain in Cape Town on May 9. In between, there are about one hundred days of cycling and twenty rest days, with the riders covering around 120 kilometers per day when they are on the bike.

Q:  What are you going to do about chafing?

A:    Ass Magic