The Ride

Bike Route - EgyptOut in Africa Ride’s inaugural fundraising initiative is a 12,000 kilometer bicycle ride from Cairo to Cape Town that will last four months between January and May 2015. While the bike ride was the original inspiration for the Out in Africa Ride project, our hope is that the project will continue long past the end of the bike ride. Just think of the possibilities for future fundraisers: the Out in Africa Swim! the Out in Africa Run! the Out in Africa Potato Sack Race!

Our cyclist Nate will not be making the trek alone. He’ll be part of a group of about forty cyclists who are all racing across the continent. Each cyclist has their own motivations for signing up for the race, but many, like Nate, are fundraising for nonprofit organizations. The bicycle tour is organized by an operator who will provide support and backup for the cyclists on their journey. We haven’t linked to the tour organizer on this site due to security concerns: we don’t want people to know precisely where Nate is until he’s finished cycling through the countries that are most likely to be concerned about an LGBT rights advocate crossing their borders. This is also the reason why the website is currently password-protected. We will modify the security settings as soon as it makes sense to do so!

Once the ride begins on January 9, Nate will be posting updates on the Travel Blog.  To give you more information about the motivation behind the ride, check out his first post.