Our initial fundraising goal is $12,000: one dollar for every kilometer of the trip! The money we raise will be distributed between our partner organizations: the Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum and the Gay and Lesbian Network, plus additional organizations that we identify during the course of the cycle ride. Before we distribute any money, we'll be asking our partner organizations to propose specific projects that our fundraising can support. So check back regularly for updates about how exactly your money is being spent. If you would like to earmark your donation for a specific organization, just let us know in an email.

We're using PayPal to accept donations, which is a company based in the States. PayPal accepts donations from any bank account, including South African and European. It will do the conversion for you; you just have to decide in dollars how much you'd like to donate. We welcome any size of donation, whether $10 or $1000! If you can, please consider donating 1 cent for every kilometer of Nate's cycle, which works out to a donation of $120 for the whole trip. Thanks for your support!

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